Learn about a Risk Free approach to improving your businesses’ Profitability and Cash Flow through use of our Continuous Audit service geared to Disbursement Protection

Hawkeye, LLC is dedicated to improving business profits, cash flow, key business relationships and compliance through a host of Professional and Managed finance and audit service offerings, featuring Embedded Protection, a proprietary approach to Disbursement Assurance utilizing state of the art Continuous and Forensic Audit techniques, resulting in a live significant quantifiable savings to businesses.

Hawkeye also specializes and provides the very best in Over and Improper Payment Recovery, (an audit activity performed in arrears), Internal Audit, Internal Control design, Risk Management, M&A support including valuations, , financial analysis to validate synergies and forecasts for deal ROI, due diligence, negotiation strategies and options, Fraud Investigations and Business Strategic Planning Services.


Solving your financial problems


Specialized Expense Recovery Audit

Business Planning & Formation


Operational Optimization Audits

Client ERP Implementation

Investigatory Services

Business Training


Our practice is all about delivering value that can be quantifiably measured by our clients. Each of our practices has several key metrics that we focus on impacting.

Please contact us so we can discuss how we can assist you in the following critical areas: improved profitability, increased cash flows, improved relationships with suppliers, revenue producers, employees and authorized representatives, more productive and efficient use of resources, lower acquisition costs, maximized loans and cash flow from private placements, detected and deterred fraud, increased sales, reduced internal and external audit costs, reduced implementation costs, improved risk profile. See how each of our practices relates to these bottom line results.